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Ready to Read: Talking Resources

How does talking help children learn to read?

  • Children learn about language by listening to parents and caregivers talk and by joining in conversation.

  • Talking, telling stories and stretching conversations help children learn new words, learn to express themselves and learn how to have a conversation.

  • Infants and young children need to hear the language (or languages) they will eventually speak in order to learn it — so if you speak two languages at home, it is beneficial to speak both languages to your child.

  • Talking to your child in the language you are most fluent in is the best way to help your child develop early literacy skills.

  • Very young children can understand spoken words long before they can speak any of them — so talk to them and you will be amazed at how your child responds.

  • Talking to your child about many different events, ideas and stories helps them develop the general knowledge they need to understand the content of what they will read in books when they are older.

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